Tube Maintenance & Education
Power Tubes Once Again A Growth Industry...

Mention power tubes to the average "Joe Sixpack" man-on-the-street and chances are he'll say, "Do they still make vacuum tubes? I thought they went away when the transistor was invented." Well, to be sure the relative number of tubes in use is less than in the halcyon days of the industry, back in the 1940s and '50s. However, the vacuum tube industry has been on a steady growth pattern due to an ever increasing number of applications requiring the precision that only tubes can deliver in a cost effective manner. Did you know that power tubes are used in the manufacturing of Pentium III chips? Or that magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology relies on tubes? How about their use in powerful induction heating devices that are used to increase the tensile strength of engine components in your car, like camshafts and valves. And there's more. Like from manufacturing photo albums to taking X-rays. Vacuum tubes may well be the "Rodney Dangerfield" of the electronics industry in terms of respect. But things are certainly looking better. From missile guidance systems to industrial welding equipment, you can't keep a good tube down! Educational Topics General Information:

1.- How a Vacuum Tube Works
2.- Vacuum Tubes are Aglow Again
3.- Extending the Life of Power Grid Electron Tubes

Amateur Radio:

1.- What Factors Contribute to the Efficiency of an Amplifier

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