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A lot has happened since we began operation in 1951 and developed the beam-power Pentode tube, but at Penta Laboratories our core mission has remained unchanged: To provide a premium product and do our very best to assure customer satisfaction by delivering an exceptional level of service.

To this day we maintain an inventory of thousands of tubes and other parts for a variety of industries, including aerospace, manufacturing, medical, broadcast, scientific, military and high performance audio.  And equally important is the fact that our Machlett Division is a world-leader in the food processing market with microwave ovens, parts, upgrades and service, as well as for other commercial applications where high power microwave energy is required.

We appreciate you taking this time to visit our website and invite to you contact us at your convenience should you have any questions about Penta Labs or our family of products, or if there anything we can do to help you in any way.   

And don’t forget to check out Machlett Microwave in greater detail at

Once again, thank you for your support throughout these past decades … and best to you for growth and prosperity.

Penta Laboratories


Your manufacturer of high-quality vacuum tubes and capacitors.
Penta Laboratories is a Manufacturer and Distributor of Vacuum Tubes, Capacitors and Electron Tubes for Broadcast, Industrial, Marine, Medical, Food Processing, and Avionics applications worldwide.
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Popular Parts:


a medium-mu metal/ceramic extemal anode power triode. Maximum plate dissipation for this tube is 4000 watts, and cooling is forced-air. At moderate voltages, relatively high power output can be obtained from the 3CX2500H3 as an amplifier, oscillator, or modulator.

A radial beam tetrode which is rated for 1000 watts maximum plate dissipation. The high current, low voltage, and high gain design makes it ideally suited for use in audio amplifiers or Class AB, RF Linear amplifier applications.

is a radial beam tetrode which is rated for 1500 watts maximum plate dissipation. The high current, low voltage and low distortion design of the 4CX1500BM makes it ideally suited for use in audio amplifier or Class AB1 RF linear amplifier applications..


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