Limited Warranty


Customer Satisfaction is the foundation of our business. Penta Laboratories maintains a rigorous quality assurance program that supports our continued efforts to produce the best quality products available. If you have any questions or comments please direct them to our customer service department at 1-800-421-4219 or by email at


All Penta Laboratories product is electrically tested and visually and mechanically inspected prior to shipment from the factory. Responsibility for its safe delivery is assumed by the carrier upon acceptance of the shipment.

All products should be given a thorough inspection and tested for mechanical defects upon receipt. Damage such as, but not limited to, open or shorted filaments, broken or fragmented elements, cracked or broken glass and/or ceramic insulators indicates mishandling during transportation.

Concealed damage may not become apparent until the product has been unpacked. The contents might be damaged in transit due to rough handling even if the external carton does not show external damage.

If any of these conditions are found to exist, contact the local shipping agent or the transportation company directly and file a damage report within 5 days after receipt. Any external evidence to the shipping container must be noted on the freight bill of landing and signed by the carrier’s agent. Failure to adequately describe such external damage may result in the carrier refusing to honor a damage claim. All damaged products received, including the individual product containers with the original shipping boxes and with the original packing must be held in the exact condition as received. The transportation company will give instructions for disposition and any forms that are required to file a claim.

Any freight damaged product will not, under any circumstances, be considered for warranty replacement or credit by Penta Laboratories.


Penta Laboratories products are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects in materials and construction. The warranty duration includes three segments, which are:

1. The time lapsed from the original ship date from Penta Laboratories to the Penta Laboratories authorized distributor, agent or representative. (See Warranty Code 1 below)

2. The time lapsed from the original ship date from Penta Laboratories, Penta Laboratories distributor, agent or representative to the user. (See Warranty Code 2 below)

3. The time lapsed for the operation of the cathode or filament. (See Warranty Code 3 below)


This warranty shall terminate upon expiration of any one or combination of the time periods referred to in the schedule below. 


CODE (1) – Delivery to the distributor, representative, or agent

CODE (2) – Delivery to the end user

CODE (3) – Cathode or heater total hours

CATEGORY “J” – Typically reserved for hardware and accessory type of products where operation time is irrelevant

CATEGORY “Q” – Used for developmental products


The Penta Laboratories Warranty is based upon the prorated use of the product. Factors for consideration are the total warranty hours of the product and the number of operational hours the product has been used. Any Penta Laboratories product which fails during the first 10% of the operational hours for which it is warranted will be replaced free of charge. During the remaining 90% of the product’s warranty life, a prorated adjustment will be calculated and credit issued toward the product’s replacement. The following formula is used to calculate the prorated adjustment.

1. ((Warranty Hours – Hours Used) / Warranty Hours) x (Purchase Cost) = Credit Due

For example; Should a Category E Tube costing $500.00 fail after 440 hours of normal use, the prorated credit calculation would be done as follows:

((2200 – 440) / (2200)) x 500 = $400 credit due towards the tube’s replacement.

2. Please reference your warranty codes based on the category from the chart above


The warranty is valid only when the following conditions are complied with. Any failure to adhere to all of these conditions completely terminates Penta Laboratories warranty obligation.

i. The product must be supplied directly by Penta Laboratories or an authorized Penta Laboratories distributor, agent or representative.

ii. The product must be operated within the published minimum and maximum operational ratings.

iii. The product must not be subjected to abuse or negligence in use, storage and/or handling. The returned product must be accompanied by an accurately and fully completed service report.

iv. Penta Laboratories or the authorized distributor, agent or representative must be notified within 30 days following product failure.

v. The product must be removed from service immediately following the discovery of the failure.

vi. The Penta Laboratories return procedure must be strictly followed.

vii. When required, Penta Laboratories or an authorized distributor, agent or representative shall be permitted to disassemble the failed product to determine the cause of failure.

viii. When required, Penta Laboratories or an authorized distributor, agent or representative shall be permitted to inspect the equipment in which the product was used. This will be required to determine the operating conditions the product was subjected to.

ix. Upon issuance of credit due the returned product becomes the property of Penta Laboratories. If no credit is issued the returned product remains the property of the customer. The customer must request Penta to return the product within 30 days of being notified of the warranty denial. The customer is responsible for freight costs associated with the return.

x. Penta Laboratories’ decision regarding the warranty consideration shall be final and binding upon the customer.


i. A service report, supplied with each product, must be filled out accurately and completely. This report must be sent to Penta Laboratories or an authorized distributor, agent or representative. If sent to Penta Laboratories directly, it can be e-mailed to or faxed to 818-882-3968. Our engineering staff will review the information sent. If it is found to be a candidate for warranty consideration, a Return Authorization Number will be issued. The product can then be sent to Penta Laboratories or an authorized distributor, agent or representative for warranty consideration. The return authorization, when issued, does not guarantee that an automatic approval, replacement or credit will be given.

ii. The product must be returned in the original box designed specifically for the safe transportation of the item to be returned. Freight insurance claims will be declined when the packing is insufficient for safe handling. Penta Laboratories has gone to great lengths to design and produce internal packing material for this reason.

iii. Return shipping costs including insurance shall be paid by the customer. Penta Laboratories, its distributors, agents or representatives will not accept any responsibility for loss or damage while any product is in transit for warranty consideration.

iv. The product that has been accepted for warranty replacement will be returned to the customer prepaid. Penta Laboratories or an authorized distributor, agent or representative will automatically insure the warranty replacement for full value. Penta Laboratories will pay all costs associated with the return.

v. A copy of the original invoice must be included with the warranty return.

vi. The Return Authorization Number must be clearly marked on the outside of the shipping container when returned.

vii. After the warranty product is received by Penta Laboratories, the engineering department will review the service report and perform the necessary testing required to determine the cause of failure. The warranty evaluation process and final determination will take approximately 2-3 weeks under normal circumstances. If any further information is required, there may be further delays in processing the warranty claim.

viii. The Engineering Department’s evaluation will be forwarded to the Customer Service Department for disposition. Customer Service will forward the report with the final determination to the customer. In the case where Penta is replacing or prorating a product, a replacement order will be entered and the replacement shipped to the customer.

ix. Any product, after testing and evaluation, that is found to be functional and within the published specifications will be returned to the customer. The customer will pay all costs associated with the return.

x. All Return Authorization Numbers issued are valid for 30 days from the date of issue. If the customer requires a longer period, prior arrangements are required. Any product that is received after 30 days from issuance of the Authorization Number will be refused.

xi. The return policy must be completely followed when returning the product for warranty consideration. Failure to comply with any procedure outlined above shall be sufficient cause to terminate any warranty claim.

xii. Penta Laboratories sole obligation under this warranty is to supply a replacement product. The product will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Penta Laboratories. Should Penta Laboratories be unable to provide suitable product, Penta Laboratories will issue any credit due on a pro-rated basis (see warranty description). Penta Laboratories will not issue a refund for any reason.

xiii. Penta Laboratories does not express or imply any warranty of guarantee for consequential damages that occur due to the failure of its product.

xiv. This limited warranty is effective as of February 3, 2013 and supersedes all previous warranty policies.