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Quality Vacuum Tubes
Since 1951
Over a Million Vacuum Tubes & Electron Tubes in Stock

Vacuum Tubes, Capacitors and Electron Tubes

We have over 8,000 stocking part numbers and an inventory far in excess of a million vacuum tubes.


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Penta Laboratories

High-quality vacuum tubes and capacitors

Manufacturer and Worldwide Distributor of Vacuum Tubes, Capacitors and Electron Tubes

Penta Laboratories has been the worldwide leader in vacuum tubes, electron tubes and capacitors since 1951.

Over the past 70 years we have stayed true to our mission which is to provide premium quality products along with an exceptional customer experience. Penta Labs is the top source for tubes in the medical, scientific, industrial, audio equipment and broadcast industries.

Finally, Raytheon & Machlett expanded their military microwave technology to begin developing systems for commercial use in hotels and sea vessels. Today, Machlett is a subsidiary of Penta Laboratories and operates as one of the top commercial tempering microwave system manufacturers in the world. Machlett also manufactures its own Magnetron tube and provides support and service to all commercial microwave systems across the globe.

Machlett has a storied past, with over 100 years of history in the United States, founded in 1897 as E. Machlett & Son, the company was a pioneer in x-ray technology. In 1934 Machlett Laboratories was created to begin producing x-ray tubes and grew to become the leading tube manufacturer in the world. After merging with Raytheon in the mid 1900’s, their product line grew to include transmitting tubes and working with the United States military.

I am glad I found Penta Laboratories. We were searching for an amp tube…

Bob James -

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