4CX20,000D/9015 is a ceramic/-
metal VHF power tetrode intended for use as
a RF amplifier up to 110 MHz. It is particular –
ly recommended for use in the 88-108 MHz
FM band. It features an electromechanical
structure which provides high RF operating
efficiency and low RF losses. The 4CX-
20,000D has a gain of up to 20 dB in FM
broad-cast service. The anode is rated for 20
kilowatts of dissipation with forced-air cool-
ing and incorporates a highly efficient cooler
of new design, which significantly reduces air
pressure and flow requirements and produc-
es low acoustical noise.



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Part Number: 4CX250BC / 8957
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Condition: New Current Production
Type: Single Tube