The Penta Laboratories 3CX800A7 tube for sale is a compact power triode intended for use as a cathode-driven Class AB2 or Class B amplifier in rf applications including the VHF band. As a linear amplifier, high power gain may be obtained without sacrifice of low intermodulation distortion characteristics. Low grid interception and high amplification factor combine to make the 3CX800A7 drive power low for a tube of this power capacity. A single 3CX800A7 will deliver 750 watts PEP and 750 watts key-down CW output power to 350 MHz. The 3CX800A7 replacement tube for sale is useful to 450 MHz. The anode is forced-air cooled for 800 watts of dissipation.



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Part Number: 3CX800A7

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Condition: New Current Production
Type: Single Tube